Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions

What happens after I register for a group course? 
 After registering for a group offering (such as Family and Friends or CPR anytime)  you will be contacted by a staff member to get some final details about your event.  From there we will give you a personalized link for your event that you can have others sign up through!  That takes the work off of you!


What is the difference in BLS and other CPR types?
The difference is BLS is tailored for those in the healthcare.  They will have access and are familiar with items such as an Ambu bag or face masks, that are included in the training.  For more information CLICK HERE
My church would like to take CPR, what would you suggest?
The suggestion for churches would be to have a family and friends CPR. This will cover basic CPR that can be used for all ages. For more information CLICK HERE If you have healthcare professionals in your congregation, we can set up a blended  course, so they can complete their skills the same day!  For more information CLICK HERE
Is it true that you do CPR for daycares (children only) for free?
Yes! It is true.  I service Cumberland, Robeson, and Hoke County.  Schedule with me today by booking HERE
What if I just want to learn about CPR, I’m not healthcare or with a group?
If you are just interested in the skills needed for CPR feel free to book a Heartsaver course.   Depending on the skills that you want to learn you can discover those Heartsaver varieties under the services tab on the top right of the website.
If I want to book a CPR course for the children in my neighborhood which CPR course is right for me?
You have an option between Family and Friends (most basic) or CPR in schools (certificate of participation)
Is it true that NC requires all students to be trained in CPR as a high school graduation requirement? 
Yes according to the General Assembly all students must be trained before graduation.  You can find the research HERE and reader friendly version can be found HERE